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Crafts & Community explains the structure of the modern crafts community by means of microethnographic research in the Netherlands and Istanbul, Turkey.

This is a group project between myself, Ward Goes and Conor Trawinski

Craftsmanship, or the act of making, has the potential to be a means of empowerment. However this is only possible within the structure of a community.
Crafts & Community “Empowerment through the act of making”

Both in a traditional and modern sense, community is about a way of living. But there is a difference between a traditional crafts community and a modern crafts community. Traditional crafts communities existed in order to support one another through the exchange of necessities. However with today’s industrialized mass production and consumption, crafts communities cannot exist as they have in the past. Modern crafts communities are not a gathering of various craftsmen, instead it is a community of diverse people with distinctive roles who have come together in acknowledgment of the value of craftsmanship.

The modern crafts community is a group of people with a vision, and people with assets. Through our project we have named the distinctive roles inside a modern crafts community as the Visionary, Advocate, Specialist, and the Creative. The Visionary is a person who has an aspiration based on the potential of the crafts community. (S)he motivates the community to persevere, and provides not only the long term ideal but also specific goals within reach to maintain the momentum of collaboration. The Advocate is a person who persuades third parties about the value of the crafts community. By means of publicity and networking, the Advocate rallies support and patrons so that the community can be sustained and appreciated properly. The Specialist is a person who provides the community with core resources in the form of hands on skill and knowledge. And finally the Creative is a person who realizes the potential of the crafts and comes up with ideas on how to bring it into a modern context.

It is through the collaboration of these people that the added value, which will empower the community as a whole, is created. Of course a person can play multiple roles within this structure, but it is only when all four roles are fulfilled that a modern crafts community can be sustained and, furthermore, flourish.

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Crafts & Community

Crafts & Community explains the structure of the modern crafts community by means of microethnographic research in the Netherlands and Istanbul, Turkey. Read more [...]

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