Music Video for Farven Fornem’s X

Music Video, together with Conor Trawinski
Appearance: Eline Floor Hesse

Making teaser

Music video for Farven Fornem’s single X

Farven Fornem is an alternative pop band from Copenhagen, that blends rock and electronic sounds together to creates a flavory universe of sounds, colors, darkness, light, ambiguous illusions and in my opinion something really Danish. The four members Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen, Bjørn Martin Luff, Jeppe Sievers and Andreas Fryland self published their first EP titled Symbol in 2010, and have recently announced their first major single X with A:larm music.

Since Nikolaj first contacted me to work on the music video of their first single X, it turned out to become an interesting collaboration because the band and I have never met in person even up to this point. I invited Conor Trawinski to work together on this project, and while Conor and I were in Eindhoven, Nikolaj was splitting his time between Copenhagen and Berlin working and preparing for the official launch of the band. Depending on Skype to communicate, the whole project was done within the timeframe of three weeks.

Another interesting thing about this project was while the song was in Danish, Conor and I do not understand a word of the language. But rather than seeing this just as a limitation, Nikolaj, Conor and I decided to use this as an opportunity to experiment. After being briefed about the song and the band’s ideas, we were given the liberty to interpret the acoustics and soundscapes ourselves, and from that we build up our own dreamy story of X. In the end I believe this approach worked to our advantage not only because of the given circumstance of solely communicating over the Internet, but also due to the somewhat cryptic color of the band itself that embraces a certain level of ambiguity.

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Music Video for Farven Fornem’s X

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