Strijp in the old days, photos from Strijp R.
Photos from a factory in Strijp-R before it was demolished.

Photos of MadeInStrijp, salute to the good old days.

MadeInStrijp, salute to the good old days is inspired by the industrious past of Strijp R, and explores ways of commemorating it.

The history of Eindhoven was always closely connected with Philips. Strijp R is the postwar area where large-scale tubes were produced. Glass furnaces, factories for ceramic products and for the press glassworks dominated the field.
History of Strijp R from Amvest

Most of Eindhoven’s modern history has been deeply entwined with Philips, and Strijp was where their factories were once clustered. As the factories and offices of Philips slowly moved away from Eindhoven to other cities and countries, the massive buildings remained. While in Strijp-S, the largest and best known area, the city itself took lead to redevelop it, Strijp-R, an area just a bit to the northwest of Strijp-S, was given to the highest bidder, Amvest.

Currently Amvest is executing their plan of redeveloping Strijp-R, preserving some parts of the area while demolishing others, all with the goal of transforming Strijp-R into a quality residential area that houses over 500 units. Renown designer Piet Hein Eek has taken over and transformed two of the old factory buildings, and Amvest has additional plans to preserve and transform some of the other building as well. But for the most part, the old buildings were scheduled for demolishment, and has been demolished by this time of 2012.

Before that all happened, that is, before the old stuff all disappeared in ruins, I had the good fortune to be able to see it for myself. It was quite fascinating; and it felt like a space between realities. Although the truth was that the buildings were outdated mammoth structures half standing and half falling apart, literally, the reminisce of it once being the harbor of hundreds and thousands of peoples lives still lingered somewhere gently in the atmosphere. In the near future the physical traces of the last century will disappear only leaving the memory of what it once has been, and Strijp-R will move on to shelter a new reality of family and security.

And so we shall remember and celebrate. Scavenging the old factories presented an impressive array of materials; bricks, tiles, wood palettes, insulation material, lights, metal parts, and a clock. Although the small hills of concrete and bulk metal were of course the most prominent of scraps, I must admit at that time I would not have been able to do anything about them. In the end I humbly settled with the wood, and processed them into striped wooden planes to use as a material for interior objects, in memory of the many tubes that were born out of Strijp-R to bring television into everyones living room.

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MadeInStrijp is inspired by the industrious past of Strijp R, and explores ways of commemorating it. Read more [...]