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by 왕민성   Minsung Wang

To the left is a collection of non-related work.The following is about myself. In short, it says I’m happy to be a designer.

November, 2012

During my late teens I decided to follow my father’s footstep and become a scholar. I was brought up religiously, and my father taught Christian Theology in college. So at that time deciding to study something that is mostly concerned with an infinite amount of literature made perfect sense.

Once I got into college myself I nibbled a bit on Philosophy, and took some bites out of Religion. Pretty soon I felt it turning into something too much for me to swallow. At this point I remembered Naoki Urasawa’s Master Keaton and decided to become an Archeologist.

Some time later I realized that in real life Archeology isn’t as dramatic and action packed as it would be in a Japanese comic.

So this time I remembered when I was 14, I saw a plate with a doodle on it upon a glass enforced podium. The description on the podium read, “Picasso.” “This can’t be that important,” I thought to myself back then.

I finally settled with Art History, for the time being.

I couldn’t just forget my hero Hiraga Keaton, so after I graduated I became an Officer in the Korean AirForce. My eyesight was too bad to be a Pilot, so instead I became a Ground Controller.

Just about the time I got confident not to crash two airplanes into one another, I decided it was time to move on, and started to find other things to remember.

I remembered how I made fun of a friend in high school when he told me he was going to study Design in college. “So, you’re going to be making posters and brochures as a living?” I would snort.

I remembered how I enjoyed a pottery class I took back in college.

I finally remembered how a workshop in Korea between Gijs Bakker and a bunch of design teams from various companies went downhill because they just didn’t seem to understand each other.

So this time I flew to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I think I wanted to be a Designer this time.

At DAE I started off with working with materials, such as Wood, Metal, Ceramics, and Textiles. Then with a whim I jumped to Short Films. Another leap to Websites. But by the time I understood HTML and Stylesheets I stopped, because the stuff that came after that scared me senseless. And during this whole time, together with my friend Conor, I contracted an obsessive fetish toward words like Community, Creativity and Collaboration.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop myself from developing an interest toward Mobile Applications, so I’m starting off from where I got cold feet. Right now I’m following CS106A through the service provided by Stanford’s SCPD, and it helps a lot.

Some time ago, I had a conversation with Nick about being a Generalist, and what it means to be a Good Generalist. Also my flatmate Paul constantly keeps me from drowning in my pool of Great Ideas.

I have a dream, and it comes in two parts, with dessert. The first part of my dream is to realize my Great Ideas. The second part is after I pull off the first part, to support young adults to realize their own Great Ideas as well. And the dessert is along the way to make a Board Game that people can enjoy together in their living room after dinner, and to make a Mobile Game that makes people smile a bit more wherever they might be.

At the moment I am searching for an Internship.

At the moment,

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